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Flowering Annuals

Bedding Flats
(12 inserts of 3 plants; 36 plants total)

Bedding Plants Bedding Plants
Species Variety Species Variety
Ageratum Hawaii Royal Blue Petunia Dreams Blue Sky
Alyssum Clear Crystal Lavender Petunia Dreams Patriot Mix
Alyssum Clear Crystal Purple Petunia Madness Burgandy
Alyssum Clear Crystal White Petunia Madness Lilac
Begonia Prelude Rose Petunia Madness Midnight
Begonia Prelude Scarlet Petunia Madness Mix Total
Begonia Prelude White Petunia Madness Mix Waterfall
Begonia Senator Rose Petunia Madness Pink
Begonia Senator Scarlet Petunia Madness Plum
Celosia Amigo Mix Petunia Madness Red
Celosia Century Fire Petunia Madness Rose
Celosia Century Red Petunia Madness White
Celosia Century Rose Petunia Madness Yellow
Celosia Century Yellow Petunia Sheer Madness
Celosia New Look Petunia Super Cascade
Coleus Carefree Mix Petunia Dbl Madness Blue
Coleus Dragon Black Petunia Dbl Madness Mix
Coleus Wizard Mix Petunia Dbl Sonata
Coleus Wizard Mosaic Portulaca Sundial Mix
Coleus Wizard Rose Salvia Rhea
Coleus Wizard Scarlet Salvia Sizzler Mix
Coleus Wizard Sun Golden Salvia Victoria White
Coleus Wizard Sun Velvet Red Salvia Vista Red
Dahlberg Da Golden Fleece Snapdragon Floral Showers Pink
Dahlia Figaro Mix Snapdragon Floral Showers Scarlet
Dianthus Raspberry Parfait Snapdragon Floral Showers White
Dianthus Strawberry Parfait Snapdragon Floral Showers Yellow
Dusty Miller Silverdust Snapdragon Montego Mix
Gazania Daybreak Mix Snapdragon Ribbon Mix
Gomphrena Gnome Purple Snapdragon Rocket Mix
Impatiens Super Elfin Blue Perl Snapdragon Rocket Pink
Impatiens Super Elfin Bright Orange Snapdragon Rocket Red
Impatiens Super Elfin Coral Snapdragon Rocket White
Impatiens Super Elfin Lipstick Snapdragon Rocket Yellow Lemon
Impatiens Super Elfin Mix Stock Midget
Impatiens Super Elfin Pink Vinca Cooler Blush
Impatiens Super Elfin Red Vinca Cooler Grape
Impatiens Super Elfin White Vinca Cooler Peppermint
Lobelia Cambrige Blue Vinca Cooler Raspberry
Lobelia Crystal Palace Vinca Cooler Red
Lobelia Palace Blue Vinca Cooler Strawberry
Lobelia Palace White Zinnia Lilliput
Zinnia State Fair Mix
Zinnia Thembleina Mix

*Highlighted species names will link you to photos and reference information.*

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