Scioto Blooms Greenhouse

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Speciality basket annuals

309 Basket Flats
(3 baskets of 9 plants; 27 plants total)

Herbs and Vegetables
Species Variety Species Variety
Browollia Blue Bells Nierembergia Robe Purple
Cosmos Cosmic Mix Nierembergia Robe White
Cosmos Cosmis Orange Torenia Clown Blue White
Cosmos Cosmic Yellow Torenia Clown Mix
Cosmos Sontata Carmine Verbena Quartz Blue
Cosmos Sonata Mix Verbena Quartz Mix
Cosmos Sonata Pink Vinca Titan Blush
Cosmos Sonata White Vinca Titan Burgundy
Dianthus Amazon Rosemagic Vinca Titan Dark Red
Dianthus Ball Mix Merlot Vinca Titan Icy Pink
Gomphrena Fireworks Vinca Titan Lilac
Hypoestes Splash Select Pink Vinca Titan Polka Dot
Hypoestes Splash Select Red Vinca Titan Punch
Hypoestes Splash Select Rose Viola Beaconberry Mix
Hypoestes Splash Select White Viola Blackberry Sundae Mix
Marigold African Taishan Orange Viola Citrus Mix
Marigold African Taishan Yellow Viola Sorbet Mix
Marigold African Pineapple Crush Zinnia Benaries Giant Mix
Marigold African Pumpkin Crush Zinnia Dreamland Coral
Marigold African Vanilla Zinnia Dreamland Mix
Marigold French Disco Marietta Zinnia Dreamland Pink
Marigold French Disco Orange Zinnia Dreamland Red
Marigold French Disco Red Zinnia Dreamland Rose
Marigold French Disco Yellow Zinnia Dreamland Scarlet
Marigold French Durango Bolero Zinnia Dreamland Yellow
Marigold French Janie Mix Zinnia Profusion Cherry
Marigold French Janie Orange Zinnia Profusion Fire
Marigold French Janie Spry Zinnia Profusion Orange
Marigold French Janie Yellow Zinnia Profusion White
Melampodium Golden Globe Zinnia Profusion Yellow
Melampodium Million Gold Zinnia Short Stuff Mix
Melampodium Showstar Zinnia Uproar Rose
Nasturium Alaska Mix Zinnia Zahara Coral Rose
Nasturium Whorlybird Mix Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose
Nicotiana Hummingbird Lime Zinnia Zahara Double Cherry
Nicotiana Hummingbird Mix Zinnia Zahara Double Fire
Nicotiana Hummingbird Red
Nicotiana Hummingbird Rose
Nicotiana Hummingbird White
Nicotiana Perfume Purple

*Highlighted species names will link you to photos and reference information.*

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