Scioto Blooms Greenhouse

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Premium basket annuals

Basket Flats
(3 baskets of 6 plants; 18 plants total)

Perennials Perennials
Species Variety
Angelonia Lavender
Angelonia Serena Mix
Angelonia Purple
Angelonia White
Cleome Sparker Blush
Cleome Sparker Rose
Cleome Sparkler Lavender
Cleome Sparkler Mix
Cleome Sparkler White
Coleus Kong Red
Dahlia Hello Gorgeous Mix
Dahlia Hello Rose
Dahlia Hello Yellow
Geranium Seed Geranium Red
Geranium Seed Geranium Rose
Geranium Seed Geranium Salmon
Geranium Seed Geranium Violet
Geranium Seed Geranium White
Pentas Butterfly Lavender
Pentas Butterfly Pink
Pentas Butterfly Red
Petunia EZ Wave Coral Reef
Petunia EZ Wave Pink
Petunia EZ Wave Red
Petunia EZ Wave Shell Pink
Petunia EZ Wave White
Petunia Shock Wave Pink Shades
Petunia Purple
Petunia Tital Wave Silver
Petunia Wave Blue
Petunia Wave Lavender
Petunia Wave Misty Lilac
Petunia Wave Purple

*Highlighted species names will link you to photos and reference information.*

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